We Are The #1 Net Gun Supplier Worldwide! 
We have sold to dozens of countries all over the world to help the global animal control & wildlife rescue communities. 
Our Net Guns have been seen on the TV networks listed below.

Net Gun Specs

  •  Use your net gun to safely capture feral or dangers animals up to 45 feet away!
  •   You select the mesh size for your nets. Small: 1 inch mesh, for birds. Medium: 2 inch mesh, for dogs,cats, and geese. Large: 7.5 inch mesh for larger animals and humans
  •  Nets are made of a high tensile strength nylon . We have yet to hear of one breaking.
  •  The Net Gun Launcher is 12″ in length and comes in 3 easily detachable parts.
  •  Our Mega Pack option comes with a 6 month part replacement warranty

Net Gun Features

  • Co2 Powered! No gunpowder and the cartridges are easy to replace.
  • Nets are extra strong, durable, and reusable. Created with animal capture in mind. 
  • Comes with a locking, metal carrying case to keep your equipment safe.
  •  Perfect for capturing animals that are hard to catch, feral, dangerous, or wounded.
  •  The Hero and Mega Pack options comes with 4 firing heads, preloaded and ready to shoot.

Why is the Net Gun the perfect animal catching tool for you?

  •   Capture feral animals at a safe distance, keeping you safe from bites, scratches, and diseases.
  •    Humanely rescue animals who have been hurt or wounded that you may not be able to access with conventional rescue tools.
  •    Works great for containing birds such as geese and other hard to catch animals.
  •   The nets are reusable, so make the one time investment and you will have the best animal capture device for years to come.
  •     Powered by inexpensive 16 gram CO2 cartridges you can purchase nearly anywhere.

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